Rise of the Runelords

The Story So far

Our adventure began with 4 travelers journeying to the town of Sandpoint for one reason or another. Once there a goblin attack began and our adventurers fought them off. As they began to unravel the reasons behind the attack a much larger plot of betrayal and subterfuge began to unfold. The travelers followed the clues to the Glassworks on the bluff outside of the town. Upon entering they encountered a handful of goblins as well as the kidnapped barkeeper. The discovered that it was the barkeeps own brother that had kidnapped her and planned the goblin raid. after defeating him they ventured deeper into the catacombs below the Glassworks. The stumbled into the Catacombs of Wrath and began to fight for their lives against goblins and foul creatures known as sinspawn. Many of the heroes fell leaving only a dwarf fighter and an elven druid with the true knowledge of what transpired below the Glassworks. As the unlikely survivors exited the Glassworks they were greeted by a Trio of newcomers. A Half Orc Cleric, an Elven rouge, and an elven wizard, these three travelers formed up with what remained of the group and continued to pursue the orchestrators of the Sandpoint attack.



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